Principal services provided by Zerant UK Limited include:


Retail security services

Mobile Patrols

Store Detectives

Alarm Response

Corporate  (concierge )  security services

Construction sites security

CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) Operations


We maintain our exceptional service levels through constant improvement of working practices, quality standards and staff welfare.


Retail security services

We recognise the need to create the right shopping environment. So, all our security guards are SIA licensed, fully screened and vetted to BS 7858, very committed and highly experienced. Our retail officers are trained to a high standard to undertake their primary duties and other duties agreed and documented in the site assignment instructions. As the first point of contact to your customers and visitors, we do our very best to create a lasting impression. We demand a right attitude to work from our staffs and by so doing, we represent your business with good image. At Zerant, we provide our staffs with an ongoing training, keeping them on top of their duties and also test them regularly to maintain our quality service.


Store Detectives

The secret detection and apprehension of retail criminals is the major role of our Store Detectives. Our trained SDs are conscious of appropriate legislation and its application. They will deal appropriately with those committing an offence, and we will help you with shrinkage in your store. We will work closely with your management team and provide the service that will meet up with your needs.


Mobile Patrol

Our mobile security patrol service provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative where a continuous manned guarding presence is not required. Zerant patrol units will make random mobile security patrols of your premises, (all external doors, gates and windows). The surrounding areas will also be patrolled and observed for any unusual presences and suspicious activity. We will also display a visible warning notices and provide you a comprehensive report to that effect.


Alarm Response

Zerant offers a professional, rapid-response team that will quickly arrive on site to address any situation at hand. Our well experience staff will carefully look out to identify the trigger on arrival at your property and make a valuable assessment of the situation, and decide whether to call the police or other agents. Be rest assure that Zerant will provide you with a detailed report of the incident on completion.


Construction Site Security

Construction sites require a constant watch to prevent theft, deter intruders, and detect vandalism or willful damage  to valuable equipments and property . Zerant is committed to ensure that your site is fully protected.  We will also carry out a full site risk assessment, making sure all Health and Safety issues on site are considered as  we do our best to keep your assets safe.


Concierge and Reception 

Zerant concierge and reception services is a top class quality customer service, delivered with professionalism. At Zerant, we are fully aware that the main aim of concierge reception is to prevent unauthorized access to the building without jeopardising your reputation. To achieve this, we go extra mile to train our staffs on: customer service relations, conflict management, health and safety plus our full security training package. While at your reception, we are the first and the last that your customers will see, and we know how important this is. We will do our best to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere.


By constantly listening to your requests and recommendations, we offer ourselves the opportunity to have a better appreciation of your needs and by so doing making conscious efforts to placing huge importance in meeting our contractual obligations. This we do to enhance close working relationships which is the key to long term business relationships.